Joan Capdevila Nogués: filmmaker




16mm - 24 ips - blanc i negre


9’ (107 mts)


no sound

Tribute from the F.C.Barcelona to the Orfeó Català

Report on the tribute that Barça make to the Orfeó Català at their stadium with a series of musical and sports folkloric events. Football match between Nimes Olympique and Barça, leaders of the leagues of the respective countries, in homage to the Catalan Orfeó, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of the Palau de la Música. Cultural events held in the middle of the party, in the field of Les Corts, with a parade of the different banners of the Orfeó, choral singing and sardana dance.



Vilardaga, Josep / Millet i Maristany, Fèlix / Vendrell i Ibars, Emili / Bonet i Armengol, Jordi / Marco Millet, Lluís / Miró Sans, Francesc / Renom i Garcia, Gaietà / Mut, Àngel / Gonzalvo II / Kocsis / Herrera, Helenio / Martínez, Eulogio / Sotil / Villaverde / Renom i Garcia, Gaietà / Czibor /